Good Vehicle Care Tips Produce Car Longevity

Vehicle Care Tips

Vehicle Care Tips Are Important For First Time Car Buyers

Are you searching for vehicle care tips?  Do you remember your first automobile?  Was it used or new?  Maybe you have just now obtained your first vehicle.  Oh what a pride and joy!  The pleasure of owning your own car!  It will be something to remember for the rest of your life.

I remember the first automobile I bought in 1975 quite well.  It was a used Ford Pinto.  You know, the ones that later became infamous for exploding gas tanks if they were ever rear-ended in an accident!  Now that was not something to be proud of, but I was proud of my first vehicle.  I used it to deliver newspapers and to drive to work.  My dad taught me some basic vehicle care tips.  I took great care of it and it served me well.

I also well remember my first new car purchase. In 1981 I bought a VW diesel Rabbit.  It was not fast or even a great looking car, but what a workhorse that vehicle turned out to be.  My wife and I were still newlyweds and we were so excited and proud to have our own new vehicle.

It was a noisy diesel engine, but that didn’t matter.  It even puffed smoke as all diesels did back in that day, but it didn’t bother us.  It was ours and that made all the difference.  I waxed and polished that car often and made sure I did regular oil changes every three thousand miles just as we were told to do.  It was an extremely good purchase and was still running strong when it was sold in 1992 after our family outgrew it. 🙂

Vehicle Care Tips Are Needed For New Cars Too

It was that VW Rabbit that changed my perception and understanding of car care forever.  One vehicle care tip concerned algae growth and contamination in diesel fuel.  I searched for a product that would prevent this from happening.  Since it had a diesel engine I knew that it was very important to keep the fuel injectors clean and the fuel pump lubricated also.

I wasn’t about to tear my engine apart to manually clean the injectors because I didn’t have the expertise or confidence necessary for that task.  Also, it was my only vehicle and I could not take a chance of not getting it put back together again before it was needed (which was very regular!).  I also did not want to spend money for a mechanic to work on it especially since it seemed to be working just fine.

Quality Fuel Additive Equals Good Vehicle Care Tips

The most logical conclusion was to search for a fuel additive.  I had heard a diesel additive would prevent algae growth, clean my injectors, lubricate my pump and give me better fuel mileage.  A win, win, win in my book!

Back in those days there was no Internet to jump on and do a Google search for diesel additives.  I read magazines, checked auto parts stores and just kept my eyes and ears open.  I couldn’t seem to find any of the products I had heard about until I read about AMSOIL.  That was when I was first introduced to synthetic lubricants and some helpful vehicle care tips.

Synthetic lubricants(?), I had never heard of those before and I just knew they had to be expensive.  My petroleum oil seemed to work quite well, thank you.  But, since I thought I needed a fuel additive (which I did) I decided to try out some diesel fuel additive that AMSOIL manufactured. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made concerning my vehicles.

That purchase actually quietened my engine some, reduced the black smoke and gave me peace of mind that I was performing proper vehicle care tips.  My fuel mileage improved and I was happy.

That purchase and good results also led me to investigate some of AMSOIL’s claims about their other products.  As I mentioned earlier, I faithfully changed my oil every 3,000 miles but that was a problem.  You see, we lived out west (in the beautiful state of Utah) where driving a lot is just a normal everyday activity.  If you do or have lived out west, you know what I mean.  In my case that meant driving 25,000 miles or more each year.  Following good vehicle care tips meant not getting stranded in an unpopulated area far from home.

That’s where the problem comes in.  Driving 25,000 miles divided by 3,000 mile oil changes equals changing oil every six weeks maximum!  Whew! That gets old real fast.  Being a penny pincher that meant a lot of work I had to do!

One of AMSOIL’s claims was extended drain intervals using their 100% synthetic motor oil.  Extended as in 25,000 miles or one year between changes.  That’s a lot of miles between oil changes and a lot less work for me! 🙂

Since I was pleased with the results of my first purchase I decided to give their engine oil a try also.  That was the second best decision I made.  Their oil not only lived up to their claims, but it saved me a lot of money and time besides.

The rest of the story is history for me.  I sold that VW with 165,000 miles on it with it still running strong with fantastic fuel mileage.  The vehicle I purchased to replace it and to meet the needs of my growing family was a Ford Explorer.

I drove that vehicle for 13 years, put 325,000 miles on it while only changing the engine oil eight times!  The day I sold it, it was running as good as the day I bought it and giving me the same fuel mileage as well.  I never did any repairs to the engine or fuel injectors.

All of my vehicles through the years have been equipped with AMSOIL synthetic products.  The transmissions, engines, gear differentials, brake fluid and fuel treatments were all switched over to AMSOIL.

AMSOIL has been in business for over 38 years and they continue to produce more and more top quality products for virtually every different kind of moving vehicle available.  If it has moving parts, AMSOIL has a lubricant for it.

In today’s world of ever higher prices, many people are looking for vehicle care tips to make their  purchase last longer without spending heavily for maintenance and repairs.  We will inform you of top quality products that will have a net saving effect on your wallet or pocketbook.

Maintaining your vehicle(s) for a long period of time for low cost is very realistic.  Having useful vehicle care tips includes using the right products.  As is often the case, the most advertised products are not usually the best quality.  Advertising is very expensive, and few companies would rather spend their money on producing the highest quality product rather than just trying to get new customers.  A high quality product like AMSOIL will speak for itself and word of mouth advertising is unbeatable.

If you have used AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and have a testimony of what it has done for you, please leave a comment below.  Posting vehicle care tips will be appreciated by many car owners.