Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Transmission-Fluid100% Synthetic Motor Oil

 is dedicated to bringing valuable products and services to the driving public by reviewing and informing about cost-saving and cost-effective solutions to vehicle maintenance and vehicle longevity.

The vehicles being manufactured today run hotter, have smaller oil sump capacities and tighter tolerances.  All of these things require more out of the oil to lubricate and cool the engine with less oil.  AMSOIL’s research and development is second to none and they have met the challenges and will continue to do so in the future.  You can put confidence in AMSOIL 100% synthetic lubricants to give better performance and better protection!

In today’s world of ever higher prices, many people are looking for ways to make their vehicle purchase last longer without spending heavily for maintenance and repairs. We will inform you of top quality products that will have a net saving effect on your wallet or pocketbook.

Maintaining your vehicle(s) for a long period of time for low cost is very realistic. Using the right products to accomplish that is the key. As is often the case, the most advertised products are not usually the best quality. Advertising is very expensive.  A high quality product will speak for itself and word of mouth advertising is unbeatable.

We hope that you come to value the quality and money saving benefits of our recommended products.

About John

In 1981 John bought his first new car – a VW diesel Rabbit. What a workhorse that vehicle turned out to be. It was an extremely good purchase and was still running strong when it was sold in 1992 after his family outgrew it. 🙂

Concerned about algae growth and contamination in diesel fuel, John searched for a product that would prevent this from happening. Keeping the fuel injectors clean was another goal of his. In those days that was a tall order to fill. In 1987, he found out about a fuel treatment made by AMSOIL, Inc. He was happy with the increased power and even better fuel mileage (40+ MPG) and less black smoke so he started investigating another product that AMSOIL manufactured called “synthetic motor oil.”

Being devout to his vehicle maintenance schedule the regular oil changes every six weeks got to be tiring. Yes, he was faithful to that “every 3,000 mile oil change” but it was not fun.

After considering AMSOIL’s track record for extended drain intervals (25,000 miles!) John took a chance and tried it out. What a good move that was. He was “sold” when he noticed a quieter engine, more power and even better fuel mileage. He has been a faithful AMSOIL user and independent dealer ever since. He has seen the company grow and develop more and more products.

In 1992 he replaced his VW Rabbit with a new Ford Explorer. Over the next 13 years he put 325,000 miles on his Explorer without ever doing any engine repairs and only performing eight oil changes. Using AMSOIL products saved him a great sum of money and was able to advertise his vehicle as having the same fuel mileage as when it was brand new.

John is a firm believer in AMSOIL and continues to be impressed with their research and development of new and existing products. Their products literally sell themselves when people get past the 3,000 mile/ 3 month oil change mentality. He continues to seek for products that will improve operation and reduce maintenance. AMSOIL has come through in meeting those objectives.